Apr 2010 03

It’s April and funds are running low. We had to return the Mystery Machine and The Snow Junkies have been reduced to a one man crew. With seventeen days [..]

Mar 2010 24

Okay, so not many people ask us about this, but I know you’re all wondering:
Did you use the bathroom on the RV? [..]

Mar 2010 23

Mar 2010 22

Day 72
Location: Donnelly, ID
Resorts: 33 out of 50

It’s no secret that we love soaking. Here’s a few shots of the Gold Fork Hot Springs located in Donnelly, Idaho. Eight bucks to get with five pools [..]

Mar 2010 19

Day 70
Location: Alpine Meadows, CA
Resorts: 32 out of 50

Chase Vehicle 1 (aka my car) has been sitting in an unsecured Sacramento parking lot for the last five weeks. Plus, I still had a couple free tickets left for [..]

Mar 2010 06

Day 58
Location: Villa Grove, CO
Resorts: 28 out of 50

It’s no secret that we love hot springs. There’s nothing better than after a day on the slopes to relax with a beer in a steaming mineral bath. There are plenty of hot springs in Colorado, but there aren’t a lot of natural hot springs. We’re [..]

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