Mar 2010 09

There’s been a bare spot in the Mystery Machine over the last couple weeks. Jason aka The Snooze aka Wild Card finally returned to his home town of Buffalo, New York. [..]

Mar 2010 08

Days 60-63
Location: Wolf Creek, CO
Resorts: 29 out of 50

Yep. Wolf Creek lives up the hype. We stopped in on a Sunday and didn’t leave until Tuesday afternoon. The snow just kept piling up. 19 inches over the course of the storm. We couldn’t even be bothered to leave the ski area so we posted [..]

Mar 2010 08

It’s hard to believe, but we somehow managed to knock off the first half of the 50 resorts. And do we ever have some stories. Check out some of the links below or click over here to see our photo gallery. It’s been a hell of a adventure so far, and we’re excited to see what the back half brings. [..]

Mar 2010 06

Day 58
Location: Villa Grove, CO
Resorts: 28 out of 50

It’s no secret that we love hot springs. There’s nothing better than after a day on the slopes to relax with a beer in a steaming mineral bath. There are plenty of hot springs in Colorado, but there aren’t a lot of natural hot springs. We’re [..]

Mar 2010 05

Day 57
Location: Monarch, CO
Resorts: 28 out of 50

The 30 mph wind gusts brought me to my knees while Coco struggled to stay upright. A clearing in the whiteout showed that we had reached the Mirkwood [..]

Mar 2010 03

Day 54
Location: Breckenridge, CO
Reosrts: 27 out of 50

The town of Breckenridge hates RV people, which is why we’ve been staying in the much more RV friendly Frisco. How do we know they hate us? Oh, you can [..]

Mar 2010 02

We’ve been living out of an RV for almost six weeks now. When people find out our living situation, they have plenty of questions. Do you get cold at night? [..]

Mar 2010 02

Day 53
Location: Keystone, CO
Resorts: 26 out of 50

I used to work at Keystone way back in the day as a valet, so lots of memories as we rolled into the Montzeuma lot (free parking!) at River Run. I was curious [..]

Mar 2010 01

Day 52
Location: Copper Mountain, CO
Resorts: 25 out of 50

Copper Mountain takes the honor of the twenty-fifth ski area in our epic journey. We couldn’t have been happier. We love this mountain. [..]

Feb 2010 27

Day 51
Location: Rt 6, Loveland Pass, CO
Resorts: 24 out of 50

Is there anything more fun than a full moon party? We managed to hit Loveland Pass on the perfect Saturday night. Good snow, good people, and [..]

Feb 2010 26

Day 50
Location: Georgetown, CO
Ski Resorts: 24 out of 50

Two big announcements in today’s report. We’re in Colorado and we’re halfway through the trip. The crew had planned on spending more time in Washington [..]

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