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Don't recognize the girl on the end?  Her name is Brandy.  She just got off work at the Sands Casino in Reno and jumped in on the shot ski full of Jameson.
Wally World! Lloyd Bacon!!! coco on hollywood blvd Snusz is a high roller.  He won all these bottles at the Black Jack table in the Crystal Bay Casino.
The Slanket meets the shot ski... Sometimes we get bored and play with the back up cam.
10 a.m. Keystone Lights & a few games of speed 12 p.m. More Keystone Light, tacos, and some "" maintainence 4 p.m. Still going strong w/ Keystone Lights & Coco scores a much needed washcloth. She's a total snob and only buys Tommy Hilfiger
No # 2ing in the RV! Bubble Trubble @ Velvet Lounge in Bend. One bottle of Vodka, with cranberry & 7up for $30! That's how we like our bottle service
Photos 1 - 15 out of 22 | Back to Albums
Description: We Snow Junkies like to ride during the week and take busy weekends off. This is what happens...
Location: coming to a mountain near you