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Coco Does Summit County « 101 Days of Winter
Coco Does Summit County
Jan 2011 06

Coco flew in from Tucson to join me and promptly lost her luggage, forcing us to spend the day in Denver with hipster brunch douchebags and a stealth trip back to the DIA Big Top to “steal” her own bag from Southwest — it was either that or wait in line for a couple hours.

Over the week, we covered a mini-tour that included Copper, Winter Park, and A-Basin — the same three that kicked off our season last year (thanks again Descente Jacket) and also made the exclusive 100 Days Of Winter trip.

Four inches the first day at Copper surprised us, as I hadn’t expected anything and had set the bar real low for our adventure. It wasn’t even dust on crust, which again surprised me. We even got to hike up to one of the front bowls, although my wheezing, unacclimatized ass kept needing breaks.

Winter Park is the first place I ever rode with Coco three years ago when she was just learning how to link turns. Fast forward to today as I took her dodging trees, tearing down bumps, and even dropping a small five footer in the woods. Yep. She’s coming along nicely.

It’s almost a custom that our days at A-Basin will be blustery, windy affair. I was bummed that Montezuma Bowl was closed yet again, as I have yet to really dig into that new expansion, but I will be back M-Bowl. I promise you that.

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