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Day 28: Fresh Tracks @ Powder Mountain « 101 Days of Winter
Day 28: Fresh Tracks @ Powder Mountain
Feb 2011 06

Last winter at Powder Mountain, we met a dude named Iceberg who took us deep into the aspens because he heard a rumor that a school bus was buried in the woods. He also may, or may not have, shared with us a spliff the size of Coco’s forearm. The highlight though was that Iceberg proceeded to show us stashes of powder that hadn’t been touched in the last eight days.

So fast forward a year. We’re back in Utah. Snow has been scarce. So we decide to roll the dice again and see if the magic of Powder Mountain holds up.

Oh yeah. It sure as hell does.

If you had a rich, eccentric uncle who ripped on the mountain and decided to open his own ski area, it might just be Powder Mountain. This is an area for people who love to ride and don’t need to have their hand held. For instance, a good chunk of the mountain isn’t lift serviced. You just jump off wherever you want and ride powder until you hit a road where a shuttle picks you up. Bored of the aptly Powder Country? Oh, there’s snowcat that takes drives you up in style and an insane amount of inbounds hiking.

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