Freeze Liftie Of The Month: October

Chief Snow Junkie October 12, 2005 1

Traci getting the money shotThe worst thing about Freeze Magazine going off shelves is losing their cutting edge feature: Liftie of the Month.

Thank God for the web.

Of course the girls were clearly not lifties, nor did they appear have any knowledge of ski town lifestyle at all. But does that matter during that long, cold season known as winter? We are convinced that somewhere on this planet exists a place straight of Hot Dog: The Movie where the powder is always fresh, drinking hard has no repercussions, and all the girls look like the Liftie of the Month.

In honor of Freeze’s groundbreaking work, The Snow Junkies bring you the 2004 October Liftie of the Month — Traci who loves sugar-free apple pie, dental work, and cleavage.

Here’s how she feels about tans:

I think a guy who’s tan would be hotter than a guy who’s all white. I’ve dated a couple guys who have tanned, and it’s not that bad. I just like tanning because it looks hot to be tan.

Read more about Traci here. Or you can just skip those irritating words and go straight to the slideshow.

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