Freeze Liftie Of The Month: November

Chief Snow Junkie November 1, 2005 0

My milkshake calls all the boys to the yardIt’s that time of the month again. We Snow Junkies have resurrected the Liftie of the Month from the now defunct Freeze Magazine. Why? Because riding is more than just deep snow, lift tickets, and wicked gear. It’s about the people and nothing represents the dirtbag lifestyle better than a model from California pretending to be a liftie.

This month we’re joined by Courtney who is “more concerned with how my hair looks than anything else.” Her turnoffs are guys who don’t open doors and cheaters.
Click here to see more of Courtney or to find out who she would french kiss if she was Britney Spears for a day (yes…that’s a real question).

Site: Freeze Magazine

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