Marco?…..Polo?! Where Are YOU?

Squirrel Murphy November 28, 2005 0

Digging a big holeBackcountry Access— one of the leaders of backcountry snow safety gear — has turned its attention to detail from manufacturing to Knowledge. Apparently, if people stay alive they’re more apt to buy more gear. Way to think outside the box guys!

Here are two new Avalanche Education resources:

Beacon Basin Permanently buried fun parks for avalanche beacon-ists. Practice your locating skills with multiple scenarios all day longwithout the hassle of burying & reburying. BCA, with support from Couloir Magazine, has teamed up with ski areas throughout North America and Europe. Each Beacon Basin features 10 buried transmitters hardwired to a central control panel. To change scenarios simply flip a switch and a new diaster zone is created: multiple burials, deep burials, orgy burials, whatever your sick twisted mind can think up.

Tracker 101 want to learn some basic avalanche beacon skills from the comfort & safety of your own home? BCA and the film makers of Teton Gravity Research have teamed up to create “Tracker 101: Mastering Your Digital Transceiver“. The DVD focuses on using BCA’s Tracker DTS beacon, but the info is applicable to all digital transceivers. Basic search techniques & practices are shown as well as flux lines (not flux capacitor you Michael J. Fox wannabes). A great gift for anyone just starting to play beyond the safety of resorts or for old Junkies new to digital beacons.

All of us here at Snow Junkies believe in safety first, always ski with a buddy and wear a condom.

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