Happy New Year

Chief Snow Junkie January 2, 2006 0

So where the hell have we been?

Christmas, man. Christmas.
There are no deals during the holidays unless you want an overpriced trip, screaming children, lift lines back to your front door in Minnesota. No my friend, there’s nothing good about Christmas week at the ski hill.

Unless it dumps three feet of snow.
Well, in that case…
Lucky us.

We’re back now (sort of)…it’s snowing again, but we’ll do our best to keep this jalopy running through the rest of the season. Hey! You get what you paid for. When you start giving us money and free lift tickets, than we’ll start posting every day. Got it?

Sorry. Feeling a little punchy after the New Year’s festivities. From two days ago. It’s a long story.

Pray for snow.
The Snow Junkies — 2006.

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