Free Music Friday: Music from REI

Chief Snow Junkie November 3, 2008 0

This week in Free Music Friday, we dig into the REI Go Playlist.  Corporate sponsorship at its best.  Artists get money and marketing.  We get free music.  The only price you pay is REI’s irritating flash navigation and corporate ads.  The payoff is ten free songs.  You need to download them individually.  Here’s the playlist:   

  1. Persephone’s Bees:  We’ve Just Begun
  2. Saxon Shore:  Bar Clearing Good Times
  3. Quadrillion:  Dropped
  4. Ohmega Watts: Can You Hear It
  5. Robbers on High Street:  Training the Tricks
  6. The Apples in Stereo:  (Baby It’s) So Cold
  7. Eagles of Death Metal:  Now I’m a Fool
  8. Au Revoir Simone:  Fallen Snow (Redux)
  9. The Rentals:  Colorado
  10. American Analog Set:  Ice King

Know anymore free music we can get our hands on?  Email us and let us know.    

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