2009 Gear Guides

Chief Snow Junkie November 4, 2008 0

There’s nothing better while waiting for the snow to fall than to drool over the annual gear guides from various magazines.  We scoured the Interwebs for the flashiest ones of 2009.      

Snowboarder Magazine:  Not much information, but the pictures sure are pretty to look at. 

Freeskier:  Tons of products with pictures, prices, and links to buy the goods online. 

Ski and Skiing Magzine:  Ski and Skiing are owned by the same company and have both of their gear guides posted in the same spot.          

Outside Magazine:  Has video reviews of editor’s picks for the winter season.  Very informative, but we wish there were more products. 

Powder Magazine:  Our pick for best gear guide for skiers.  It’s chock full of video reviews for skis and boots. 

Snowboard Magazine:  Opted to put the entire issue online for free.  Thanks!     
Tip:  Skip to page 68 for the actual guide.

Our recommendation:  The Powder gear guide if you’re a skiier.  The Snowboard online magazine for riders.

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