Babes On Boards

Chief Snow Junkie November 4, 2008 0

With all the flak over the Burton Love line, we wondered if there are other scandal prone snowboards on the market this season.  Turns out Burton isn’t the only company to have scantily clad ladies adorn their planks.  They’re just lucky enough to get called out on it. 

Palmer Classic: Pixelated long legged lady in a bikini.  Is she one of Charlie’s Angels?  Nothing from the seventies is controversial.         
Scandal Level:  Low
Hotness Rating:  Hazy

Lib Technologies Jamie Lynn Phoenix BTX:  A naked blue skin woman cradles an…alien? Nipples ensue. 
Scandal Level:  High
Hotness Rating: Weird

Monument Loveless :  Another girl in a bikini, but gets a free pass because it’s from a painting.  That makes it art. 
Scandal Level: Low
Hotness Rating: Artistic

Head JR Pro:  A smoking hot girl in a bikini.  Head wishes they got the media attention heaped onto Burton.
Scandal Level:  Trumped by Burton
Hotness Rating: Awesome

Rome Artifact.  Rome brings the strip club to the slopes with a sleazy flourescent sign that says:  Bent Over Babes. 
Scandal Level:  Low    
Hotness Level:  Reading takes too much effort



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