Tickets for Food

Chief Snow Junkie November 4, 2008 0

Welcome to another Tuesday edition of Cheap Tix. This week, we dig into the noble world of charity where your old cans of food are transformed into discounted lift tickets, or in some cases, the holy grail of discounts: The FREE TICKET. So pack up those dusty cans of chicken broth (seriously, you’re never going to eat it) and get ready to save some cash at the following seven resorts.

1. Okemo Resort, VT (Dec 7) : 3 cans for a $30 ticket
2. Shwanee Peak, ME (Dec 16-18): 3 cans for a $15 ticket
3. Mount Sunapee, NH (Dec 7): 5 cans for a $25 ticket
4. Sunday River, ME (Nov 8-9): 3 cans for a $20 ticket
5. Sugarloaf, ME (Nov 22-23): 3 cans for a $25 ticket
6. Mt. Bachelor, OR (Feb 6): 3 cans for a FREE ticket
7. Greek Peak, NY (Dec 24): 1 can for a FREE ticket

Know of any other way to translate food into discounted tickets? Let us know at

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