5 Ways to Get to the Hill

Chief Snow Junkie November 5, 2008 0


Get a ride with TJ and Dex!

Get a ride with TJ and Dex!

Your car broke down.  Gas costs too much.  The cops jacked your license when they gave you a DUI.  For whatever reason, every snow junkie occasionally finds themselves without transportation to the mountain.  When you find yourself without wheels, here’s some less traditional methods to get on the snow.   

SPONGE OFF A STRANGER – Catch a ride with someone who has a more reliable vehicle.  Craig’s List is the easiest way to find some ridesharing strangers.  Some mountains even offer incentives for carpooling
Cost:  Pitch in for gas money. 

GET ON THE BUS AND RIDE IT, RIDE IT – Most hills are serviced by a ski bus.  This isn’t the local Greyhound — these buses have perks, like the Bay Area Ski Bus which plays ski movies and serves breakfast.    
Cost: Varies depending on distance.

BECOME A HOBO FOR THE DAY  If you’ve ever been stuck in the Eisenhower Tunnel on a snowy Saturday, you’ll defintiely appreciate the ski train which goes straight from downtown Denver to Winter Park.  They also have ski and ride packages.  
Cost:  Around $60 for a round trip ticket.

DON’T TELL YOUR MOM    Hitchhiking to the mountain is strictly a one-person affair.  Usually, another snow junkie will pick you up once they see the gear.  We’ve all been there at some point.  Dress warm and pack light. 
Cost:  Our favorite price – free.   


THE GREATEST PLAN.  EVER.  –- Cut out the middleman, pack up and move to your favorite ski hill.  All that time and money shuttling back and forth could be spent on the hills.  What are you waiting for? 
Cost: Your boring 9 to 5 job. 

Got a story about getting to the mountain?  Of course you do.  Send it to us at tips@snowjunkies.com.  Later on in the season, we’ll be doing a feature on the best travel stories to the hill.

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