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Chief Snow Junkie December 30, 2008 0


Lange Girl Returns
Freeskier and Lange are back at it again with their Local Lange Girl Contest. There’s a site, and some photos of girls in bikinis, and…are you still here? They’re picking four regional winners, and one lucky lady will get to represent Lange all over the country which means free skiing and free gear. You’ve only got until January 9th to post scandalous pics of yourself on the Interwebs.
Oh, the girl on the left is our official pick.  She’s a Mad River Glen girl currently shredding up Montana.  Kind of like our chief editor, minus the hot body.

jaypassUpload Your Own Photo
Is your mustache not quite as full this year?  No money to redo your perm?  Do you have a constellation of zits sweeping across your face.  Wouldn’t be nice to pick your pass picture?  Moonlight Basin has added a new component to their online pass purchasing site just for you:  upload your own photos!  Now you can bring back that mullet you rocked in 7th grade, use the glamour head shots from LA, or use Photoshop to fill in all your teeth.

cloudveillogoCloudveil Wants You!
To become one of their inspired mountain ambassadors.  We’re not sure what that means, but what made our ears perk up was this:

Among the benefits our Inspired Mountain Ambassadors can expect are pro discount prices and inclusion to an outdoor community of fellow enthusiasts to share stories and gear reviews.


bcalogoBackcountry Education Over Advertising
Backcountry Access, a leader in snow safety gear, has been developing its avalanche training & education programs for years (see TSJ article from 11/28/05).  They claim to spend more money on education than on advertising.  Now they’ve taken it to the next level with Beacon Training Parks located around the world.  Test your skills, or even better your partner’s skills, because they’re the ones who will be saving your ass.

comment-boardTransworld Giving Away Snowboard a Week
That’s right, for the next two months Transworld is giving away a limited edition Lib Tech board.  What makes the board so cool?  The graphics are comments from the Transworld site (yeah, we’re geeks).  To win, you need to upload a photo, and then get all your friends to prop it…Okay, so it doesn’t make a lot of sense.  Just go to the site already.

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