How-To: Pack for the Backcountry

Zuke Johnson January 5, 2009 0

Simple quick checklist for your backcountry pack.  Bring it with you or suffer…


1. Avalanche Beacon
2. Shovel
3. Avalanche Probe
4. Snow Saw (for the snow geeks out there)
5. Water
6. Snacks (energy bars, hard candies, etc)
7. Whistle
8. Sunblock & Lip Goo
9. Extra Layers
10. Lighter & Fire Starter (an old bike inner tube works like magic)
11. Headlamp

12. 1st Aid Kit

13. Mulit-Tool

14. Duct Tape
15. A Buddy (never go up without one)

Here are some other sites with backcountry info. Be safe out there!

Winter Camping at Backpacking Light
Avalanche Safety at
Discounted Backpacks at

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