Best Bar in America

Zuke Johnson January 7, 2009 0
Best Bar in America

Best Bar in America

Okay, this has nothing do with skiing, but it is all about bars, which we love. And our friends Damon Ristau & his brother made this film.   

The brothers describe the Montana-based adventure-comedy about three men who travel the state’s bars, taverns and saloons as a “belligerent ‘Sideways’ where instead of sipping wine in California they are sipping whiskey in Montana.” ~New West Missoula

They do some filiming in one of our Montana favorites, the Sip-n-Dip Tiki Lounge in Great Falls. There’s nothing quite like a bar with a glass wall of the pool where you can watch underwater swimmers.    

Check out the trailer below or the official website.  


Enough said.  Find it.  Watch it.  Drink Whiskey

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