Recipe: Chili-Mac

Zuke Johnson January 18, 2009 0
Ski Bum Cookbook: Chili-Mac

Ski Bum Cookbook: Chili-Mac

Starving?  Got no cash?  Here’s a little gem from our Ski Bum’s Cookbook:  Chili-Mac! Easy, nutritious, and delicious.  One pot, some heat, and a spoon.  You’re eating in under 10 minutes for less than $3.04.


1 can of chili — whatever flavor floats your boat or whatever’s on sale.
1 pkg of Mac ‘n Cheese — again whichever’s on sale.

Simply make the Mac ‘n Cheese per instructions on the side of the box (butter & milk make it better, but not necessary for those budget-minded Junkies).  Once made, stir in chili.  Heat through.  Eat.

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