How To: Start a Sled Club

Chief Snow Junkie February 9, 2009 0


“You aren’t alive anywhere like you’re alive at Sled Cub…. Sled Club isn’t about winning or losing races.  Sled Club isn’t about words.  You see a guy come to Sled Club for the first time, and his ass is a loaf of white bread.  You see this same guy here six months later, and he looks carved out of wood.  This guy trusts himself to handle anything.  There’s grunting and noise at Sled Club like at the gym, but Sled Club isn’t about looking good.   After a night in Sled Club, everything in the real world gets the volume turned down.  Nothing can piss you off. “

It’s illegal. It’s dangerous. But nothing beats a night of Sled Club.

At least that’s what our source told us. He heard about it from a guy who heard it from a guy who was almost killed in one. We managed to corner him, get a few facts and some blurry photos. Here’s what our investigation uncovered.

What you need:

  1. A plastic sled under $10
  2. A partner
  3. Copious amounts of beer.
  4. A ski run/hill that you’re not supposed to be on.
  5. Ninjas (optional)

The Rules:

Partners team up on sleds. Everyone shotguns a beer, then opens a second. This one must remain in your hand until the finish line. One the race starts, there are no rules. You’re on your own.

Some rumors point to Sled Club chapters being opened in Montana and California.  We’d like to point you to an official site, but there is no official site. As far as we know, Sled Club doesn’t exist and this conversation never happened.

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