Lange Girl 2009 Crowned, World Rejoices

Chief Snow Junkie March 19, 2009 0


Your Local Lange Girl 2009: Amanda Jean

The Local Lange Girl 2009 has been chosen over at Freeskier Magazine. This happened back in the beginning of February, so it’s completely old news, but it’s always been company policy to cover any story featuring smoking hot girls wearing ski boots.    

Anyway, there’s four regional winners, including Becks from Montana. We’re proud to say we backed her way back in December. See what a Snow Junkies endorsment can get you? 

National Lange Girl Winner & West Coast Winner: Amanda Jean
Hometown: Truckee, CA

Rocky Mountain Region Winner: Becks
Hometown: Bozeman, MT

East Coast Region Winner: T-Rip
Hometown: Stowe, VT

Northwest Winner: Lizzy Lou
Hometown: Stevens Pass, WA

An important contest like this is bound to have some controversy. Chris Anderson in the comments section takes time to explain the differency between “sexy” and “trashy”:   

“Really? Are you fucking kidding me? I agree with the choice of Amanda and Lizzy… but I just can’t take the other two seriously. Running around half naked posing for pictures in the basement is not sexy its trashy; a Lange girl should be sexy and those two don’t fit the bill. Blah, blah, blah, they’re good skiers… so what… many of the other girls shed just as hard but they had a little fucking self respect and kept their clothes on or if they were off they presented the package in a much more appealing way. Several examples include Kyla, Manders, and your winner Amanda Jean… they leave a little fucking mystery. Trust me a like a naked girl but I also want her to have class.”

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