Warren Miller Open Book Trivia Contest

Chief Snow Junkie October 10, 2009 0

WarrenMillerFreeCrap[It’s no secret that we love contests and giveaways and free shit. So this promo appeals directly to our slacker heart. Ski and Skiing are giving away different prizes everyday for answering a pretty easy question. The catch? You’ve got to register and you’ll probably have to go to their site to get the answers. Our favorite prize: You can win a backrub from Warren Miller. That might not be true.

Let’s let the folks from Ski and Skiing explain:

Each day during the 60 days from October 1 to December 1, we’re giving away one valuable prize to one lucky winner. You could win one of sixty prizes, including skis, free lift tickets, resort accommodations, and our grand prize, a four-day trip to Snowbird, Utah! All you have to do is check out this page and accept the daily “challenge” by answering a trivia question or performing a Facebook task. Good luck, and have fun!

[via Skinet.com]

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