Mt. Bachelor Launches Sliding Scale for Lift Tickets

Chief Snow Junkie November 4, 2009 0

MtBachelorEver had a day with rough winds, only a few lifts are open, and you had to shell out full price for a lift ticket?

Not at Mt. Bachelor. They can’t do much about the weather, but the sure as hell have done something with the price. Welcome to what we hope will be the new model of ski hills everywhere: a sliding scale for ticket prices.

In a move to better match the quality of the on-mountain experience with the daily lift ticket price, Mt. Bachelor is putting into place a sliding scale that takes into account the amount of lift serviced terrain and weather factors such as visibility, wind, precipitation and temperature. A single day non-holiday adult lift ticket will be priced at $69, $59, or $49 depending on the expected conditions of the day.

Here’s how they “rank” the day:

Likely to operate lifts will be ranked 1-3
1. Frontside lifts only
2. Frontside and westside lifts
3. Frontside, westside and summit lifts

Daily weather will be ranked 0-3
0. Rough (still usually better than work – but be prepared)
1. Manageable (significant wind, visibility, precip or temp impact)
2. Fair (some wind, visibility, precip or temp impact)
3. Comfortable (light or calm winds, good visibility, pleasant)

Operating Lifts + Weather Conditions = Daily Total Adult Ticket Price
Daily total of 1-2 $49
Daily total of 3-4 $59
Daily total of 5-6 $69
Dec. 26 – Jan. 3, Jan. 16-18, Feb. 13-15 $69 automatically

This could certainly be a game changer in the world of ticket prices. We’re certainly hoping it works out for them. Check out the full list of ticket prices right here.

[via Mt. Bachelor]

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