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Chief Snow Junkie November 6, 2009 0

white airYear Released: 1997

From the back of the box:

Set in the world of X-treme snowboarding “White Air” tells the story of Alex Crow, (‘Riley Smith’ ), a once-promising snowboarder who has lost his edge. To make ends meet he is working in Steve’s local garage (Tom Sizemore) to help support his family. Though able to fly sky high, Alex’s preoccupation with his family’s problems have left him in a rut, estranged from his girlfriend Christie (Dominique Swain) and unable to land his jumps. After losing several local Half Pipe competitions to his nemesis Jason (‘Brent le Macks’ ), Alex loses faith in himself and totters on the verge of abandoning his dreams to seek financial stability. Only close friend and trainer Pete (‘Paul Logan’ ) may have the answer for Alex to compete in one final, exciting pro-jam super pipe event.

White Air opens with Alex unspectaculary crashing in a half pipe at a Lake Tahoe resort. Then there’s a green haze that indicates he’s having a flashback in which he does the same crash in the same half pipe.

If you enjoyed the crash, you’ll love the rest of the movie. The flashbacks pop up every two to three minutes to remind you that the lead character has “lost his edge”.

After his medicore performance, Alex magically teleports to downtown Los Angeles where he works at an auto mechanic. And while he’s working on his car…fade to green. Halfpipe crash.

And what’s Tom Sizemore doing in this piece of shit? He’s supposed to be a wise mentor or something, but mostly he just makes creepy comments about wanting to bang Dominque Swain, who makes her first appearance since 1997. Seriously, where the hell has she been? It’s a bad thing for your career when your best movie role was in Face/Off. The chemistry between Alex and Christie is as sexy as watching your parents tongue kiss.

I made it with Jerermy Irons

I made it with Jerermy Irons

Jason The Nemesis as boring as Alex, although he sports a date-rapey vibe. He’s also in the best scene where Dominique Swain catches him in a hot tub with three other girls drinking champagne. This is slightly sexier than most of the movie..like watching two cousins making out, although both of them are not very attractive.

We could only make it thirty two minutes through this movie. Of that, there’s roughly four minutes of snowboarding. Take out the flashback scene and there’s about thirty seconds.

Next up: Aspen Extreme!

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