Telluride Hits $98 for One Day Lift Ticket

Chief Snow Junkie November 3, 2010 0

Not that we ever pay full price (or anywhere close to that), and we’re guessing if you’re on the site that you don’t either…but still, there is something fascinating about watching ticket prices climb into the stratosphere during a recession. Telluride has posted $98 daily lift tickets on their website as their straight daily rate. That’s a $6 increase from last year. Yikes.

According to the Telluride Daily Planet:

Telski CEO Dave Riley said there is too much focus on the window price, and that there are more affordable options for those who plan ahead. “There’s hundreds of products and pricing in our price book…it’s 25 pages long,” Riley said. “There are many different ways to pay to go skiing.”

He’s right too. At the biggest resorts in the West, the daily ticket price is more of a pissing match for bragging rights as “the most expensive resort in North America”. Look at package deals, ski cards, and multi-day tickets for the best value. Of course, the best best value is just to pick another ski area.

So who’s going to break $100 first?

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