Early Season Photo Contest

Chief Snow Junkie November 6, 2010 0

We know you’re out there climbing through mud to reach that one patch of snow so that you can claim first tracks of the season amongst your friends. Or maybe you’re in Colorado taking advantage of those huge October dumps. Hell, maybe you’re jonesing so bad that you find yourself in a couple of sand dunes strapped to a snowboard.

Send us your early season madness photos for a chance to win a prize package from The Snow Junkies. What’s in this magic bag, you ask? It’s going to be surprise, but we expect you’ll say something along the lines of “Oh, is that it? This is sort of okay.”

Hey, what do we look like? Powder Magazine? We don’t have any advertisers and our fans are dirt poor. Just send us something awesome and make our day. You have until November 30th and we’re posting all entries on the site.

Click here to enter.

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