Skiing Magzine Goes Full Digital

Chief Snow Junkie December 8, 2010 0

There’s going to be more room on the coffee table as Skiing is taking their offline magazine and putting it into full digital format. Here’s the lowdown:

Skiing Interactive, the digital platform of Skiing, is now live and available free of charge at Designed for laptops and desktops, Skiing Interactive delivers the compelling stories you’ve come to expect from Skiing Magazine but in a personalized, interactive format—with multi-layered graphics, annotated video, and stunning photography.

The good news is that there’s going to be more content delivered roughly every three weeks. The bad news is that the print version is going to be limited to the annual Gear Guide and the Resort Issue.

I’ve checked out Issue #2 online. The navigation is simple and the interactive features add a welcome layer of information within an article. For instance, an insider’s guide to Aspen Highlands provides way more beta on the Highland Bowl than you could fit on a single page of print. A nice touch is the option to download the entire issue for free so that you’re not limited by being connected to the Internet.

It’s a slick presentation, but I worry that Skiing is going to get lost in the “noise” of the Internet, or worse, that this is merely a prelude to discontinuing the magazine. With only a few ski and snowboard magazines still in print, it would be shame to lose one more. The biggest disappointment in the experience is that multi-page articles have been left behind.

I’m not sure I understand launching this interactive online element when Skiing already has a lively Internet blog. My overall take: This would have a been a welcome supplement to the already excellent Skiing magazine. But as a replacement? It falls short of the mark. I am sure going to miss that thrill when the new issue arrives in the mailbox. It’s certainly the end of an era.

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