Ski Movie Actually Priced for Ski Bums

Chief Snow Junkie December 21, 2010 0

Its tough dropping thirty dollars on a ski flick when your cash is needed for stuff like rent and food and gear. The guys at Dendrite Studios understand that which is why they’re releasing Out of the Shadows for a special price:

PAY WHAT YOU WANT RATE: We are skiers just like you. We all work long and hard to get those deep powder days, and sometimes $30 for a film is just not feasible. We understand tight finances and thus we are leaving it up to you, the viewer, to decide what this film is worth to you. So pay $1.99* if that’s what you can afford. If you are feeling generous, pay more to help out a growing company that put everything on the line to make a film. Consider it a donation to keep the stoke coming for many years to come.

Here’s a trailer. Give ’em some money:

via Dendrite Studios

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