Vail And Beaver Creek Jump the Shark — $108 Daily Ticket

Chief Snow Junkie December 29, 2010 1

The stockholder report must have been terrible last year as Vail Resorts not only passed the $100 daily lift ticket milestone, they burned it to the ground by announcing an astounding $108 ticket for the holiday season. Breckenridge will have a $104 dollar walk-up rate. My reaction was identical to the adorable monkey above.

Here’s what Vail had to say according to the Denver Post:

“We’re constantly monitoring what’s happening in the travel and leisure marketplace to ensure that our pricing on the products that our guests purchase most — season passes and advance-purchase lift tickets — reflect the value of the experience we offer at our resorts,” said Vail Resorts spokeswoman Kelly Ladyga.

This is another nail in the coffin of the casual rider. Say for an instance, a ski bum who is passing through and hasn’t made advance arrangements. We discussed this trend last year concluding that the mega-resorts are pushing consumers towards all-inclusive packages.

Now don’t fret too much fellow snow junkies, we rarely pay window price anyway, and there is still value aplenty in Summit County like Loveland Pass and Copper. But man, $108? One hundred. Eight. Dollars. Seriously?

Your comments below — and I’m sure you folks are going to have something to say.

via Denver Post

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  1. Beaver December 30, 2010 at 2:01 pm -

    weh! what’s wrong with $102 or $103?? $108 is just $2 shy of ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHT US DOLLARS TO SKI ONE DAY! Guess I better start pumping iron because it looks like I’m going to be doing a lot of hiking this year.

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