Massive Snowstorm Hits the Rockies: Check Out These Numbers

Chief Snow Junkie December 30, 2010 2

Well, I’m stuck as a massive storm pummels the Rockies. The plan was to head to Arizona Snowbowl this morning to catch the blizzard there, but turns out Arizona drivers are flummoxed when it comes to snow. Here’s the highlights so far:

Snowbowl before the storm. After pictures to follow…

1. Blacktail, MT gets 35 inches.
The winner so far from this storm is this tiny Montana ski area. 3 feet in one day with a three day total of 72 inches. Whitefish, which is close by only got 18 inches.

2. Utah gets pounded…again.
The SLC resorts are having an epic season so far. Most of them are reporting anywhere from 18 to 24 inches.

3. Arizona Snowbowl picks up two feet.
Yes, this is killing me that I can’t ride it today. I’m hoping to get up there tomorrow as another foot is forecasted for tonight. They just opened recently so this should be great for the base.

4. Brand new Utah ski area calls 28 inches.
So new that almost no one outside the state has heard of it, Eagle Creek located in the middle of nowhere, Utah got a massive dump of two and half feet. Sounds like someone made the right decision to reopen this hill.

5. Southern Colorado slammed.
Wolf Creek 18 inches. Silverton 22 inches. Durango 24 inches. Remember last winter in southern CO? We do.

6. Northwest corridor gets snow everywhere.
From Lake Tahoe (Squaw reporting 28 inches) to Oregon (around a foot), it’s going to be a Happy New Year.

Next up: Hopefully this blizzard will continue into Summit County and New Mexico as that’s the direction this snow junkie is heading over the next week.

Happy Riding
— The Chief Snow Junkie

Montana, United States

35in. 40in. 45in. 75in. Full Report

4 Reviews

Utah, United States

28in. 33in. 36in. 80in. Full Report N/A
Post Review

California, United States

28in. 28in. 28in. 140in. Full Report

53 Reviews

Utah, United States

25in. 27in. 27in. 77in. Full Report

58 Reviews

Colorado, United States

24in. 30in. 30in. 67in. Full Report

63 Reviews

Utah, United States

24in. 29in. 29in. 0in. Full Report

43 Reviews

Arizona, United States

24in. 24in. 24in. 35in. Full Report

47 Reviews

Utah, United States

23in. 26in. 26in. 63in. Full Report

33 Reviews

Colorado, United States

22in. 28in. 28in. 76in. Full Report

22 Reviews

Utah, United States

19in. 21in. 21in. 118in. Full Report

68 Reviews

Utah, United States

19in. 21in. 21in. 65in. Full Report

61 Reviews

Utah, United States

18in. 24in. 24in. 0in. Full Report

9 Reviews

Utah, United States

18in. 19in. 19in. 60in. Full Report

28 Reviews

Utah, United States

18in. 18in. 25in. 0in. Full Report

6 Reviews

Colorado, United States

17in. 17in. 17in. 94in. Full Report

94 Reviews


  1. Mitch December 30, 2010 at 2:13 pm -

    I have an idea… All you kiddies who don’t know how to ride pow and drive in icy conditions stay home. Then the roads will stay open and the rest of us ski bums can call in sick to work and love the pow. I’m stuck in PHX cause 100 people ran off the road to Flagstaff (AZ Snowbowl) yesterday. BOO! I want to ride!!!!

  2. Chief Snow Junkie December 31, 2010 at 9:28 pm -

    I second that Mitch. 150 accidents in Arizona closed me off from Flagstaff!

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