God Wants You to Go Skiing

Chief Snow Junkie December 19, 2011 0

For those that consider skiing and snowboarding a religion, you finally have the backing of the Catholic Church. While talking to a group of Italian ski instructors, Pope Bendict XVI had nothing but high praise for winter sports:

“Your engagement as ‘ski masters’ helps to boost certain capacities, for example steadfastness in pursing aims, respect for the rules, tenacity in confronting and surmounting difficulties. In all sporting activities, a person understands better that their body should not be considered an object … but that it allows them to express themselves and establish relations with others.”

He also said that mountains are:

“…an environment that in a special way makes us feel small, returns us to our true dimension as creatures, makes us capable of asking ourselves about the significance of creation, lifting our eyes to the top, opening ourselves up to the Creator”.


via The Telegraph

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