Jesus Likes to Ride Whitefish Too

Chief Snow Junkie February 1, 2012 0

I just got back from a weekend trip at Whitefish and never heard one thing from my local guides about this nationwide Jesus controversy. Apparently, the Knights of Columbus threw up the statue back in 1955. The religious icon, however, is located on National Forest Service land thus launching us into the separation of Church and State firestorm. The short of it is that the permit has been renewed for ten years.

I’ve been living off and on in Montana for about seven years, and honestly, there’s just a lot of weird shit floating around here. Above Butte is a bizarre Virgin Mary statue so large that you can easily see it from the highway and you can’t throw a stone without hitting a horrific depiction of a teenager on meth billboard. I say keep the statue. Plus, when I was there, it snowed all day. I’m almost sure Jesus was behind it.

via The Whitefish Pilot

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