Best Psychic Predictions for Winter Weather 2012/2013

Chief Snow Junkie November 18, 2012 1

Don’t you just get tired of scientists and data and maps and…yawn…you just me put to sleep nerds. What if there was a better way to predict the weather? What if psychics came to our rescue?

Thank god for the Internet. Here’s a few glimpses into our collective futures by the best psychics in the world and by the best, I mean the first ones that turned up when I did a Google search.

Jodie Senkyrik thinks you should bundle up.

Still, my earliest of predictions is that the winter of 2014 will be one of the hardest on record. In the amount of time from now back to the winter of 2011, (which was one of the worse we’ve seen) is the same amount of time to the 2014 bad winter. AS of right now, if all things continue in this way, the 2014 winter will be even colder and longer than the winter of 2011. It will be cold to the extreme.

Jeanne Mayell is calling for December ice storms and that Obama will at sometime wear a top hat in January.

December – Ice storms, tears, a strong alignment of power in a bad way.
January – Obama in top hat, a man and a woman on the inauguration podium with black hair.
February – calm

This Boston psychic medium thnks there will be 7-10 storms…or 7-10 feet of snow.

As far as the 2012-2013 winter season is concerned, I think it will start in December 2012. They show me the number 10 and 7-10. So I don’t know as of yet if they mean 7-10 storms or 7-10 feet of snow. However, judging from the visual of the street they showed me it could very well be that we get more than 7 feet of snow this upcoming season. It is definitely going to be a wet one, and you better start working out now so you can lift/shovel the snow as needed. They also show me the number 5 too. If I get more info on it I will keep you updated.

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