Weather Channel Naming Winter Storms

Chief Snow Junkie December 22, 2012 0

The Weather Channel, the place where I never get my weather news, has decided on their own to just start naming winter storms. They claim “naming storms makes communications and information sharing easier, enabling consumers to better understand forecasts that could significantly affect their lives.”

I claim that they’re doing it for ratings. What’s more fun than giving a silly name to hazardous weather systems? Think of the awesome graphics that The Weather Channel can slap up with that scary crisis music. They’re not the only ones concerned that TWC is attempting to own the weather. From a Washington Post blog:

At some level, however, I would have preferred the National Weather Service take this on rather than TWC. An NWS storm-naming initiative would have more credibility since its mission is to protect life and property rather than to make money and generate publicity.

I think they’re on Draco or something already. So a Harry Potter nemesis and the irritating ghost from He-Man?

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