Did You Hear the News? Snowboarding is DEAD!

Chief Snow Junkie February 7, 2013 0

Okay, snowboarding isn’t dead, not even close, but some dude released a report that suggested it’s on a major decline. This led to a media flurry spouting on about the end of days for snowboarding. According to the headlines below, the loss in popularity can be blamed on lost mojo, fancy new school skiing gear, and your parents.

The New York Times: Has Snowboarding Lost Its Edge?  

“Snowboarding lost some of its mojo around 2005, 2006, and we’ve been running on fumes since then,” Mr. Fristoe said. “It’s like any kind of trend: It’s full of all sorts of energy … until it isn’t.”

Seattle Times: Snowboarding craze fades, skiing becomes cool again

The once-hip, ultra-extreme sport for rebels may have lost its lure when Mom and Dad began snowboarding a few years ago.

LA Times: Snowboarding craze cools as new designs make skiing easier

The popularity of snowboarding is declining partly because many older people are shifting to new, easier-to-ride skis. Youths are also embracing skiing.

Time Magazine: Snowboarding May Have Reached Its Peak

Snowboarding is no longer new, no longer extreme, and—now that your mom knows how to ride—no longer quite as cool. No wonder snowboard sales and snowboarder visits at mountain resorts are on the decline.

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